A Funny Memory in a Very Serious Time

Penny Fisher Hospital MemoryI was lying in my hospital bed, I had virtually come out of my long coma just days prior. I hear, “Penny! Wake up! Did you notice I lost 15 pounds on Slim Fast?” Jackie Derchact shouted at me from across my intensive care room.

Jackie Eisenberg had been parked at my bedside gently caressing my arm and humming softly to me. We were both jolted by this crass invasion. Jackie Dercacht is a loving, caring friend, and I have loved her for a long time, but she was a real character. I tried to concentrate on her new appearance, but could barely see out of my eyes. I was seeing double, and had suffered greatly diminished eyesight. I tried to keep consciousness and be jovial and attentive, but I just went back to sleep. 

The next day or so, I hear a loud clomping noise coming closer to my room from the outside corridor. I hazily think to myself, “that must be Christina.” Imagine that– I have been slumbering for months and I can recognize Christina’s footwork in a hospital filled with thousands of visitors. Christina comes in, I see a glint of gold that is now shining in my eyes, my eyes that have barely seen a ray of light for over 3 months.

“What is that?” I groan. “Oh, these are my new Tory Burch shoes! Aren’t they cute?” She holds up her 6 inch heels for my review. I ask her what day it is, she says Sunday. I croak hoarsely, “Is that what you wear to the hospital on a Sunday afternoon?” Christina starts to shake as she does when her laugh begins in her belly. She is another absolute character and a riot to be around. Jackie Eisenberg walks in just then and I ask her, “Did I hear correctly? Did Jackie Dercacht really wake me from the dead to ask if I noticed her 15 pound weight loss?” Jackie Eisenberg nodded yes, and the three of us erupted in laughter. 

I thanked God for that laugh as Jackie and Christina shared that they were afraid I would never laugh again. I had not shown any emotion since my re-entry to earth…  not happy, nor sad, I was just in too great of shock and disbelief to register any feelings at all. But this laugh broke the spell and I began to see hope.

Thank you my dear friends for your wonderful colorful personalities. I appreciate your eccentricities with all my heart!

Writen by Penny Fisher

Penny Fisher has not only survived an unbelievable trauma, but also she has thrived. She is working on her memoir, and is available as a motivational speaker and mentor. To contact her, email: [email protected].

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