A Force of Habit

obstacleMy parents, Roz and Don, were the modern day Ralph and Alice, they were opposites, even their blood types were incompatible, really and truly! At birth, I was given a full blood transfusion because of this difference in my parents’ blood types. I believe these opposing blood types set the stage for my immune deficiencies and early on dictated a myriad of problems in my health. As a child, I suffered chronic low grade colds, nothing serious but sometimes debilitating and definitely annoying. I learned early on to just shrug it off and plow through it, even if I wasn’t up to the task.  Was that what made me ripe for this real life drama? Possibly…by forcing myself to keep going although I was violently sick was my force of habit. Had I screamed and made a scene and demanded to see a specialist, would that have saved me? Probably. Instead, I laid down like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. That first night.

After the incident, we found through much research, that my blood didn’t produce the antibodies to fight this strep A infection. I never screamed and barely complained, and I did not challenge the earliest diagnosis that deemed me ok even though I was literally dying right there before them. 

Writen by Penny Fisher

Penny Fisher has not only survived an unbelievable trauma, but also she has thrived. She is working on her memoir, and is available as a motivational speaker and mentor. To contact her, email: [email protected].

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